Hunter x Hunter fanbook invitation!

Hello! My name is Aka and some of us in the Hunter x Hunter fandom are organizing a Hunter x Hunter fan book called Hunter x Hunter: On a Venatic Path and would love to invite all kinds of fans to participate!


Born through the eyes and words of amazing fans,we have organized a fan book and we need your help! Hunter x Hunter: On a venatic path aims to bring the very best of the fandom by combining illustrations and snippets, words and images, of what makes the world of the Hunters so appealing despite it’s ruthlessness. As the saying goes: “You can’t gaze upon the beauty of a rainbow without getting soaked under the rain.”

The smile of a friend… image

The the wrath and helplessness brought by loss…. image

Or the thrill of hunting that which is unattainable…image

Which one defines the world of Hunter x Hunter? It’s up to you, talented person, to decide!

To read the guidelines and sumbission process, go here:



To read updates and see some of the book’s previews, please follow o/